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2015 Club Road Race Championship

Congratulations to Geordie Probert who won the Sunbury Cycling Club Road Race Championships, held on Saturday 12th December at the Metcalfe-Redesdale circuit.

Full results, including Invitational Riders:

1. Geordie PROBERT (SCC) 2:22 (85km)
2. Andrew SMEAL (SCC) +4s
3. Daniel STANDON (SCC) ST
4. Jeremy HUNT + 6:31
5. Peter MARKEY (BWK) +15:32
6. Evan HENLEY (SCC) + 28:58
7. Robert MERKYL (SCC) ST
8. Davud RANSOM (SCC) ST
9. Paul MORGAN (SCC) + 35:35
10. Chris MITROVSKI (SCC) + 48:22

Anthony GARNIER (FCC) - Mechanical
Adam JONES (SCC) - Crash / Mechanical

Masters 2-4 Winner: Geordie PROBERT
Masters 5+ Winner: Chris MITROVSKI
Secret Handicap Winner: Andrew SMEAL

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2015 Club Criterium and TT Championships

The Sunbury Cycling Club TT and Criterium champs were run at the National Boulevard circuit on Sunday 29th November.

Andrew Smeal stormed home in the Crit to win the sprint finish ahead of Adam Jones and Geordie Probert.

Adam Jones showed his form ahead of the Tour of Bright by taking the club ITT Champs in 19:15, at an average of 43.9 kph ahead of Chris Steffanoni, who, despite the re-emergence of the beard, did not have the legs to add yet another club championship to his palmares.

Congratulations to Andrew, Adam, Geordie and Chris.

The club road championships are on this Saturday at the infamous Metcalfe-Redesdale circuit. Entries and more info at EntryBoss.

We are planning on an informal get-together after the race at the Royal George Hotel (24 Piper St Kyneton). All partners, children and friends of the club are welcome. Lunch is available at the pub for those interested.

2015 Fields of Joy CX Dirt Crit Results


19th November 2015

CX A, CX B, Open: Click here for detailed results (interactive html file)

12th November 2015 

CX A, CX B, Open: Click here for detailed results (interactive html file)

5th November 2015 - cancelled

3rd November 2015 - Cup Day Kermis Cross

CX A, CX B & CX WA: Click here for detailed results (interactive html file)

CX C, CX WB, Opens & Young Guns: Click here for interactive detailed results (interactive html file)

29th October 2015

1st Felix Smalley 45:25 20 laps

CX A Grade:
1st Dylan Newell 46:45 19 laps
2nd Hayden Kerr 46:43 -1 lap
3rd Andrew Hutchinson 45:45 -3 laps

1st Andrew Gordon 48:01 18 laps
2nd Wayne Dalli 45:50 -1 lap
3rd Ryan Long 45:57 -1 lap

Click here for full results and lap times

22nd October 2015

CX A Grade:
1st Jay Callaghan 43:56 19 laps
2nd Scott Retting 46:03 -1 lap
3rd Nicholas Njegac 44:03 -2 laps

1st Dan Hale 45:10 16 laps
2nd Murray Pung gap -1:05
3rd James Manners gap -1:26

1st Felix Smalley 44:42 19 laps
2nd Con Zakis 44:41 -6 laps

Click here for full results and lap times

15th October 2015

A grade:
1st Nick Norden
2nd Cam Woolcock
3rd Sam Slaney

B grade:
1st Nicholas Njegac (A grade next week!)
2nd Nicholas Skarajew
3rd Tim Rowe

1st Bill McEvoy
2nd Alex Shearer

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