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  • Northern Combine 2014 Fixture released +

    The Northern Combine have released their 2014 Racing fixture. Sunbury Cycling club will be hosting the very first race on the 12th of April 2014. The course is the ever togh Melcalfe-Redesdale course first seen at the 2013 3DT and also the course we recently held our 2013 Road Championship. It's looking like a great season of racing coming up this winter with SCC memebers sure to be out in force flying the Sunbury flag. Hope to see you there! Read More
  • Club Crit Champs 08/12/13 +

    1st James Butler (center) 2nd Sam Slaney (left) 3rd Trent McCamley (right) Pics! Read More
  • Club TT Champs 24/11/13 +

    1st Nick Smith 2nd Trent McCamley 3rd Josh Goodall   Pics! Read More
  • Club Road Champs 17/11/13 +

    1st Nick Smith 2nd Tim Lier 3rd Josh Goodall Pics!   Read More
  • Club Championship dates +

    Sunbury's club championships are coming up real soon! Pull out your calendar and circle these dates in red: Road race: 17th November. Rolling neutral from Kyneton Oval to the Redesdale loop that you'll remember from this year's 3 Day Tour. Being an old school club, there will be a sealed handicap to level out the field.  ITT: 24th November. A full lap of the Newham-Lancefield 30km course. Criterium: 7th December on the Digger's Rest circuit. Entry details will follow.   We have marshalls organised for the road race, but we'll need a follow car for this, too - please let the committee know if you're available. Read More
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Sunbury Cycling Club

Sunbury Cycling club is Cycling club based in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia. We cater to all levels and types of cyclists.

The Sunbury and Hume Districts Cycling Club was incorporated on 19 March 1991 by Trevor Chivell. John Wilkins was the instigator, to provide an opportunity for his son Brett to ride closer to home.

In 2010 the club officially changed its name from "Sunbury and Hume Districts Cycling Club" to "Sunbury Cycling Club".

2011 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Sunbury Cycling Club.